Top winner £2,175
Progressive Winner!
"When I won I just could not believe it! I had never played Zuma slots before and thought I would give it a go and boy, am I glad I did! I treated myself to a new Bathroom. So a big TY to Polo Bingo"

Papillon591 from Oxon
Top winner £1,111
Progressive Winner!
"When I won I was really excited and felt really lucky with my winnings. I love all the bingo rooms, my favourite is 'Gimme More' because there are more chances of winning. I love all the slots. Thank you Polo Bingo!"

Babymason2012 from Bristol
Top winner £3,300
Progressive Winner!
"I've never won anything like that before! I love playing on Cleopatra, I love Polo Bingo and I have a great time playing on the site"

Charliebabs23 from Leeds
Top winner £1,507
Progressive Winner!
"What a great feeling to see my account balance suddenly grow. Irish Luck is one of my favourite games on Polo bingo. I like the bingo because everyone is so nice especially the chat hosts. Thank you Polo Bingo!"

Samuel6 from South Yorkshire
Top winner £1,507
Progressive Winner!
"I was over the moon when I had my win on the slot, with xmas round the corner it came at a great time for extra treats. The best rooms for me are the 75 ball rooms as I like the players in there and we have a good time together"

SEKSY_STUFF from Cleveland
Top winner £1,000
Progressive Winner!
"I couldn't believe it when I logged on and saw that I had won! I'm going to use it as spending money for a holiday. I love this site because everyone is so friendly and helpful. Never give up hope of winning big, I never thought I would but thanks to Polo Bingo I did!"

Gingerjo46 from Hampshire
  • stuart100980
    Won £9999

    Won £9876
  • jack50
    Won £8680

    Won £8595
  • leeprice3022
    Won £7685

    Won £7658
  • Magoo69
    Won £7521

    Won £7285
  • jacko145
    Won £4817

    Won £4727
  • vegas_digwa
    Won £1868

    Won £1691
  • Ryszard86
    Won £1264

    Won £1240
  • Jazzie009lucky
    Won £1158

    Won £1058
The amounts detailed in the table above, correspond to the overall gross daily winnings per player on the bingo network
(i.e. not including any placed bets or incurred losses).
Some winning amounts can be in a currency other than Real Cash i.e. Coins or Bonus Cash.