Play Polo Bingo!

If playing your fave online bingo games wasn't fun enough for you Polo Bingo has added even more excitement to the game. Check out Polo Bingo's fab side game Side Bets, found in the bingo rooms. There are different games to choose from while you're watching the bingo game: Mystery Balls and The Race.

Three games will appear in the Mystery Balls Section. In each section you can guess a feature of up-coming balls whether it be even or odd, colour and higher or lower. So for example, the 9th call will be even, the15th call will be blue and the 18th call will be higher than 45 - easy peasy right! Bet on all three games or choose how many games you want to play. Watch the snails to see if your mystery balls will get you more bingo money to play with! Like any great instant game there's loads of cash to be won.

Root for your favourite snail to win The Race! Play the game by guessing which coloured snail will be called most by the end of the game. There are five snails to choose from, each snail is a different colour; red, yellow, blue, green, or orange. Every time a ball is called the snail with the corresponding ball colour will move forward - you'll be shouting for your snail to move faster before you know it!
The snail to cross the finish line first wins!

There can only be one winner so if there's a draw the snail with the largest number of balls called first wins. Each bet costs as little as 20p and can only be played when you've bought tickets for the next bingo game. These snail sized side bets will have you on the edge of your seat whilst you play bingo.

For more info watch the below tutorial or ask a chat host in the bingo rooms for more help.

Play Polo Bingo!