Hit the dazzling jackpot & win up to £55,000!

Get your tickets for the show-stopping Grand 55 game to win up to £55,000! Win cards to the big show by playing in any of 4 extra Polo rooms EVERY DAY between 10:30-10:45PM. The guaranteed jackpot for the big game is £7,500! The minimum prize is worth £5,000, plus 1TG & 2TG players will share £2,500!

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The Grand 55 Jackpot plays at 10:30 PM on Tuesday, 4th April, 2017. The game is available to funded players only. Tickets cost £5. Players can buy a maximum of 96 cards. Game type is 75 ball up to £55,000. Guaranteed Jackpot is £5,000. 1tg winners share £1,500. 2tg winners share £1,000. Winner's prize is determined by the number of calls described below:

Calls Sum
1-26 £55,000
27-29 £20,000
30-36 £10,000
38-42 £7,000
43 & above £5,000

Mini tournaments to win cards to THE GRAND 55 will play every day 01.03.-02.04.17 between 10:30-10:45PM. Cards won in the mini tournaments will be credited within 96 hours. Players can have up to 96 cards per game. If there's more than one winner, the jackpot will be shared. Polo Bingo's Full bonus policy applies. Polo Bingo's full terms & conditions apply. Last updated 1.03.17.