Spin to win yourself some tasty cash prizes when you play Polo Bingo's Sweetie Land Tournament! Best of all, the first round is absolutely free! The top 8 winners of this daily tourney will split a share of the sweet £300 guaranteed jackpot. Our Sweetie Land Tournament plays every day from 6pm-12am, so come join in the fun for your chance to win some delicious dosh!
You get to play the first round of the Sweetie Land tourney for FREE! After your free first round, enjoy 8 more rounds of yummy game play for cheap. If you'd like to improve your score, simply restart the tourney for just pennies. You can restart as many times as you like, and your highest score will be saved for you. The more often you play, the better your score will be, which means you rank will be higher on the leaderboard. All of that means that you'll be boosting your chances of winning a slice of the scrumptious cash jackpot!
Once the Sweetie Land Tournament begins, you'll get 4,000 tokens. The default bet is 25 lines and 10 tokens, which is a bet total of 250. If you choose to spin at this default level you'll be left with about 750 tokens once the round is over.

Want to take a chance to possibly add to your winnings? You can bump up your stake to the max bet of up to 1,250 tokens. Once you decide to max bet, your round will end when you have no remaining tokens, which will occur before the 1 minute round is over.

Choosing this max bet option means you'll have less spins but the potential for a huge win is much higher! Whether you're a high roller or you like to play it safe, play the Sweetie Land Tourney for your chance to cash in on a really sweet win!
*Remember, your score reflects points earned, not winnings
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