Polo Bingo Loyalty Points

Points worth Free Cash!

Polo Bingo rewards its players with Loyalty Points, which can be converted into free bingo tickets and real cash prizes!
Loyalty points are a marvelous and fun-filled way that we benefit our players.
Polo Bingo Points can be used for purchasing tickets for bingo games.
Points are awarded for playing in chat games, inviting friends to play, sending us your pictures and comments and simply for playing your favorite games.

How do I know how many Loyalty Points I have?
That's easy! On your Account Page you can see your Loyalty Points balance.

If you wish to purchase cards with your loyalty points go to your Account Page and press 'Redeem Loyalty Points'. Free cash will be added to your account for the purpose of purchasing Bingo Cards.

Please notice:
All Loyalty Points gained by buying bingo cards will be credited to your account within 24 hours. 1,000 Loyalty Points = £1 added to your account Various ways to win Loyalty Points.

Various ways to win Loyalty Points

How You Get
*Invite a Friend 10,000 Loyalty Points = £10 real cash
5p Card Purchasing 1 LP's per card
10p Card Purchasing 2 LP's per card
50p Card Purchasing 5 LP's per card
£1 Card Purchasing 10 LP's per card
Daily Chat Games 1,000s of LP's from the chat host
**Send us your picture and let us know what you think about Polo Bingo 250 LP's per player
*** Join Polo Bingo's Facebook fan page 2,000 Moon Points = £2 real cash

* According to Invite a friend T&C's.
** Players sending their picture and letter will receive their 250 LP's within 5 days from the moment they sent the picture to promotions@polobingo.com.
*** In order to get the bonus, send email with your Facebook name and Polo Bingo alias to community@polobingo.com
**** In order to receive LP you need to be a funded player.
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