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How do I deposit?
You need to register to the site and login to make a deposit. If you do not have an account, please register now. If you have a problem opening the 'Banking' page - click here.

There are 2 different ways to make a deposit:
1.From your 'My Account' Page: Once you have logged in, there is a box that says "Deposit". Click on it and follow the instructions.

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2.From the 'Game Lobby': If you are already logged in and playing there is no need to go back to the home page to deposit! At the top of the page in the lobby is a button called "Banking" Click on it in order to deposit!

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Once you have clicked, a new screen will open. Enter your details and click "Deposit".

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Is it safe?
Polo Bingo is powered by software belonging to Brigend Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of 888 Holdings Plc. Limited.

How can I set deposit limits?
Setting deposit limits allows you to control your spending better. Go to "Banking" either through the game lobby or from your account page. On the cashier window that opens you can choose the "Deposit Limits" option and simply set you deposit limit per day / week / month.

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Contact Us

Please don't hesitate to call us with any inquiries. We are available between
10AM to 2AM to assist you in any way we can.
If you are from the UK
Call us at 0808-238-9836 (UK calls are toll-free).
If you are outside the UK
You can call +44-203-713-9046
VIP players hotline: 0800-680-0638 Sun-Thu 8:30-17:00.
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How do I register?
You need to be a registered player to take part in Polo Bingo, so simply fill in the registration form that opens up. It will only take a minute. Make sure you fill in your details correctly so we can notify you of your winnings and special offers, and send you prizes as well. You need to be over 18 to register to Polo Bingo.

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What details do I need to fill in to join?
In order for us to notify you of your winnings, prizes and special offers you need to provide us with valid details such as full name, email, home address and phone number. You will also choose a unique alias to use within the site so that you can be recognised by other players and chat hosts.

Do I have to deposit to join?
It's free to join Polo Bingo! You don't need to make a deposit straight away. We may ask for your credit card details as part of our security policy. No funds will be taken from your card upon registration. If you wish to enjoy most of our games and bonuses you will need to deposit later on, but feel free to check them out first. You will love what we have to offer!

Do I need to download software to play Polo Bingo?
Absolutely not! No software downloads are needed to use this site. As soon as you've registered, you can just click on Play Now at the top of any page on the site and start the action without downloading anything. Just make sure you have Flash Player 8.0 or above to be able to see the game software correctly.
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How do I play online bingo?
There are different types of bingo games: UK style with 90 balls and American style with 75 balls. There's even 'Swedish Bingo' that is a 75 ball but with 5 lines to win! All types are fun to play! Once you've selected your type of game simply buy some bingo cards! Prices start from 1p per card. A message will appear on the screen to let you know when a game is going to begin.

If you've bought more than 6 cards you can scroll between them by clicking the left and right arrow buttons to view all your cards throughout the game. You don't have to worry about watching your numbers too much though because our special auto daub feature means you don't have to mark off your numbers as they're called.

How do I play 75-ball bingo?
75 ball online bingo is played using a five by five square virtual card containing the numbers 1 through to 75 written on it. Players can bingo by filling in entire horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines or special patterns. The special pattern will be displayed above the bingo cards.

How do I play online bingo?

How do I play 90-ball bingo?
The 90 ball virtual bingo card has 3 horizontal rows and 9 columns so there are a total of 27 numbers on the card. The first winner is the first to complete any 1 line, the second - any 2 lines, and the top winner is the player who covers all 27 numbers which is also called a 'Full House'.

How do I play 90–ball bingo?

What is a max buy?
This refers to the maximum amount of cards you can purchase for any single Polo Bingo game. At Polo Bingo you can buy a minimum of 1 card and up to a maximum of 96 cards in some games. In 75-ball rooms you can click the 'Max' button or click on the arrows above the bingo cards to select the number of cards you wish to play with. This option appears in 90-ball rooms as well.

What is a max buy?

What is an auto-daub?
It's a marker to 'dab' your numbers on your bingo ticket as they are called out. A very handy feature of online bingo!