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Baccarat Professional Series by NetEnt was released in 2011. This classic table game follows the basic rules of Baccarat with a payout for a tie of 9:1. On this casino game players will have the chance to place a combination of bets or a single bet.

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How to play

Baccarat is played with 52 cards excluding the Jokers. The card games are shuffled between the banker and the player. The goal of the game is to predict hand – the player or banker will have the highest hand. You can also predict the outcome of the Blackjack game is a tie. To get started, place your bet and select the chip of your choice. Click on PLAYER or THE BANKER in the betting areas. To start a hand, click on DEAL and click on NEW BET to place a new bet. The REBET option is used to place the same previous bet. REBET X2 doubles the value of the previous bet you have placed.

Play of Hand

During the Blackjack game, the player, as well as the Banker, are dealt with either 2 or 3 cards. The game will differentiate the hand vales of the Player from the Bank’s hand values. The winner is the one with a hand value closest to 9 wins. The hands that are of equal value on Blackjack are a tie. In this case, there is no winner.

How the scores work

The scoring on the Blackjack game is determined by adding all the values of the cards in a hand. All number cards between 1 to 2 count as their face value. Aces count as 1 while Kings, Jacks, Queens and 10’s count as 0. When a hand value is 10 or above, for instance, 12, 10 is subtracted from it and the remaining value (12- 10 =2), which is 2 is considered as the hand’s value. These are some game rules to get you started on Baccarat. Once you log in,check out the paytable to find more about the game setting and features.

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