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75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo Games

Have an unforgettable time playing 75 ball bingo games at Polo bingo! This bingo variation, also known as American Bingo is a player favourite offering high energy bingo entertainment to players everywhere!

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You can visit one of our many 75 ball bingo rooms like Luck n' Roll and Moonalicious for show-stopping jackpots and first class bingo fun! Some of our most lucrative 75 ball bingo games include Bingo X Multiplier and PayDay Bingo, each boasting a mega £10,000 prize! And don't miss out on the biggest bingo 75 game of all Self Made Millionaire has a mind-blowing £1,000,000 jackpot!

75 ball bingo rules

It's never been easier to win! The rules for 75 ball bingo are simple! The bingo 75 cards include a 5x5 grid filled with 25 numbers between 1 and 75. The bingo caller will call out numbers and if you have that number on your card you cover or 'daub' it. The player to cover the winning pattern first wins!

75 ball bingo patterns

75 ball games have many different patterns that players can cover to win. Games usually have a predetermined pattern that players need to cover in a certain amount of calls. The common patterns include vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines, as well as many more fun and festive patterns.

Where to play 75 ball bingo games

You can play the best 75 ball games at Polo Bingo! Visit one of our 75 bingo rooms like Moonalicious, Gimme More, Linked and Loaded, and more! You can also play to win huge jackpots of up to £1 million in our incredible 75 ball bingo jackpot games!